(This is a "Last-gen" (PS3/360 capable) personal project completed in a short time-frame for GNOMON)

This was a two week project, the level is fully playable and running in UDK. It was based on a concept by Patrik Hjelm and was modeled, textured and lit solely by me. It utilizes a modular setup so items can be arranged and placed independently, including roots, branches, fences and rocks. All tree's were sculpted by hand in Zbrush and baked out with xNormal. All texturing was done in Photoshop, Zbrush and Mudbox and the modeling was solely done in Maya (with sculpting in Zbrush). The entire scene is around 150k tri's and the hut uses one 2k map, while the ground utilizes four tile-able textures (vertex-painted together) which were all created from scratch in Zbrush. 

Featured on the Polycount Recap 2013