Previously I was a Junior Environment artist at Ready at Dawn studios working on the Order 1886, an exclusive PS4 title for Sony Computer Entertainment. My responsibilities were environment set-dressing/optimization, prop maintenance/creation/kitbashing, outsource integration and full level collision (on all levels of the game). 

Below are some images the represent some of the work I did on the project, materials/texturing/effects/lighting done by others (unless otherwise stated). Mayfair was a level I was brought on late in the process (along with a couple other environments), so most work was set dressing, maintenance, optimization and alterations. 

(Apologies for poor quality, captured directly off PS4)  

Mayfair Underground credits:
Design by Mike Anderson, Textures by Erin McKown, Lighting by Huan Tran, Environment Modeling by Austin Montgomery,
 Final Polish by Lucas Spark